You are currently viewing Rockville USS10 10 Inch Under Seat Subwoofer Kit Review 2022

Rockville USS10 10 Inch Under Seat Subwoofer Kit Review 2022

The Rockville USS10 is an all-in-one solution that provides excellent bass in your car without taking up much space. This sub-enclosure is only 2.9 inches thick, allowing it to fit easily under the seat.

The built-in amplifier makes installation and wiring easy and clean. This is an accurate all-in-one subwoofer system with subs in an enclosure and a built-in high-end amplifier.

Rockville USS10 Kit Review 2022

Rockville designed the USS10 device with the user in mind from start to finish because they wanted to make installation easy. Added high-level inputs for installation in aftermarket or factory systems.

The high-level input allows you to set up a preamplifier output even if you don’t have one available. The innovative turn-on circuit detects the presence of an audio signal and turns on the radio; there is a signal. The music signal automatically turns off the amplifier built into this subwoofer system.

Another thing they did to make the installation easier was to put all the inputs and outputs on one side. This makes wiring cleaner and more accessible. Competitor models are more challenging to install.

The USS10 has a maximum power of 800 watts and an RMS of 200. This model is CEA-2006 compliant and rated by a third party, so you can be 100% confident that this item will produce the power it says. It is one of the market’s only CEA-compliant slim under-seat subs.

Don’t be fooled by other brands that write fake power ratings that don’t comply with industry standards. Even though the other devices say 2000 watts, ours is better and more significant.

It has excellent controls to tune the sound to your liking. There is a level control for the volume, a subsonic filter that filters out low frequencies that the human ear cannot hear.

It has a low-pass crossover filter, phase control, input sensitivity, and bass boost. Includes remote base knob and mounting hardware.

Rockville owns a proprietary mold we designed for this enclosure. Our designers have created a modern design that we think everyone will like. Some others on the market weren’t perfect for the eyes.

The best thing about the Rockville USS10 model is the sound. It sounds like a slim but full-size sub. Overall system dimensions are 13.4 x 2.7 x 2.7 inches, and it weighs close to 14.5 lbs. It is pretty light compared to other products on the market.

The Rockville under-seat subwoofers would deliver excellent bass quality and give listeners a stunning surround effect in terms of depth and fullness if added to an otherwise flat audio system.

Rockville USS10 10-inch is the best under-seat subwoofer on the market in 2022. They offer you a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the sound, they’ll send you a prepaid label and give you a full refund.

Rockville USS10 Features

The USS10 has the following features:

Auto-on technology comes with full machine support. The power on/off system is sensitive to input and can be turned on when it detects sound.

Thermal protection circuitry provides complete protection from accidents or unfortunate situations such as short circuits or circuit overloads.

It has an easy-to-use phase switch, which allows you to adjust it from 0 to 180 degrees while using an active low-pass filter. Also, the frequency range is 50 to 500 Hz.

The bass boost is set between 0 and 18 decibels, achievable at a frequency of 45 Hz. (boost 45Hz) A subwoofer-level remote control allows you to monitor your 10-inch subwoofer without frequent touches.

The power system is controlled by transistors made of MOSFETs. This provides product safety while transferring different power supplies to various components.

A low-level RCA option to allow aftermarket radios to use this system.

Excessive stage input with Auto Flip-On know-how.

Built-in subsonic filter 29Hz. This unit will not self-destruct when playing below 29hz.

For a small subwoofer, the Rockville USS10 has many great features. Most of the options included in this system are not very unique. These options are standard features for amplified subwoofer systems, such as bass boost, speaker level input, RCA line input, and frequency filtering options.

The unique thing about the USS10 is its look and feel. The USS10 is one of Rockville’s compact models that fits easily under the seat and produces the best bass from a 10-inch driver.

It is the only under-seat subwoofer approved by CEA-2006 as a power-compatible device. This makes the product very unique.

If you have a MOSFET transistor, the power supply is optimal. This is important. This helps the system to generate the necessary bass while consuming low energy.

However, RCA is suitable for low-level inputs that ensure minimum energy usage for functions and components to operate.

Bass boost levels of up to 18 DB are available at 45 Hz. The included subwoofer-level remote allows users to control speaker effects at their discretion.

The USS10 has a fixed input sensitivity level with a unique adjustable input sensitivity switch.

Rockville’s Quality Control Assurance is one of the features associated with our products, so you can get a tested and trusted product for the price you pay.


The unit has been designed with the customer in mind, and the installation is very user-friendly, almost like a piece of cake.

This self-amplifying subwoofer has a high-level input. This means you don’t need a remote wire from the receiver to turn the device or a Hi-Lo converter on or off to send a signal. The intelligent circuit detects the presence of the audio signal and then turns on the radio.

All you have to do for the signal input is use a high-level input and connect it to two speakers. Another nice thing about this device is the installation process. Putting all the information and outputs to one side made the wiring cleaner and more straightforward.

Most other similar devices are not eligible for this type of installation service. (However, we tend to review many systems that typically have turn-on capabilities, such as the USS10.)

Another thing good thing about the USS10 is the power rating. Many other brands may decide to meaninglessly counterfeit power ratings that do not comply with industry standards.

The USS10 has an excellent set of controls so you can tune the sound to your liking. There is also a level control assigned to volume, a subsonic filter to remove very low frequencies that are inaudible to the human ear. It also features a bass boost, a low-pass crossover filter, and phase control.

  • Installation is very easy
  • Adjustable input sensitivity
  • Comfortable with delayed long-distance flips
  • Subwoofer stage remote management
  • Some users compalined it breaks soon

Should I buy a Rockville USS10 subwoofer in 2022?

The USS10 is particularly popular due to the great features it comes with, along with its small size. However, these features are not so unique. However, we found this system to go with all the necessities.

However, the unique features are the input sensitivity options and this system’s overall look and feel. A lovely blue accent on the outer shell and a luxurious touch feel. There aren’t many features you could ever ask for from a self-powered system.

For anyone looking for a 10-inch subwoofer, the Rockville USS10 quickly picks this box in 2022 for its price and sound quality.

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