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How To Fix Front Car Speakers Not Working with No Sound?

Car audio systems are essential for operation on long trips. Today we will show you how to troubleshoot car front speakers with no sound. There are many reasons why your car’s front speakers stop working. It can be anything from a faulty speaker to a loose connection.

If you’re not a car audio expert and trying to figure out how to fix your car front speakers not working at home, then our guide will be useful.

Fix front Car Speakers not working with no sound

Check your settings. Check the fader and balance settings in your car stereo audio setup. It is possible that the front car stereo speakers will not work because you accidentally turned off the signal being transmitted. It should be set to be centered.

This allows the head unit amplifier to provide the same output signal to the front and rear sets of speakers. Most of the time, the problem should be fixed, and in these situations, I’ve seen many car stereos come into car audio stores.

If you use an external aftermarket amp to power your front door speakers, make sure the amp is powered on. The green light should be on when powering on the head unit. Without power, there is no sound. Make sure the power cable is properly seated with a working fuse.

Ensure the influence on the wire from the remote is securely connected to the car amplifier from the blue wire on the back of the radio. Ensure the amplifier is properly grounded to the sanded metal to provide good electrical contact. If the car amp is powered on without sound, check that the speaker wires are securely connected to the amp’s screw terminals.

Ensure the cables do not touch each other, as a short circuit may result in no sound from the front speakers. Ensure the RCA cable is properly connected from the output of the car stereo directly to the car amp. If you’re unlucky, try a replacement car amplifier. There may be an internal problem with the MOSFET.

One of the front speaker’s works, and the other doesn’t. If so, one of the speakers may be broken, or the door panel may have a loose connection. You will need to remove the door card using the relevant tool and remove the non-functional front speakers.

The first thing to consider is to test the non-functional front speakers from another source. You can try it on a different working side of the car and connect the wires or test it with a Hifi system at home. If there is no sound, even from the non-functional front car speakers, then you have identified a problem. The speaker is damaged and must be replaced with stock or aftermarket parts.

If the front car speakers that didn’t work before are working and making sound, then the speakers are not the problem. The problem can arise between the speaker wires coming into the door from the back of the car stereo.

We recommend that you run the new speaker cables directly from the non-functioning side of the car door into the wiring harness for the front speaker outputs.


In general, continuous opening and closing of the door wear out the existing speaker wires between the door hinges. Over time, the speaker wires become brittle, shorting the speaker wiring.

If running a replacement speaker cable does not solve the problem, the output source may be the problem. The amplifier inside the car stereo you are using may be damaged.

Try a different head unit and see if that solves the problem. We hope this easy-to-understand article has helped you solve your front door speaker not working problem again!

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