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How to Fix a Car Speaker with No Sound?

Suppose the problem is that your car speaker is getting power but no sound from the speakers; we have the solution! We will teach you how to solve a car speaker issue with no sound.

Why is there no sound from my car speakers?

If your car stereo is on, but there is no sound, here are some common parts to check:

  • Connection issue
  • Audio output device
  • Blowed fuse
  • Short wiring
  • Incorrect input
  • Damaged speaker
  • Damaged wire.

How to Fix a Car Speaker with No Sound?

Let’s see how to fix the problem:

Find a space that does not conduct electricity. Then mount the amplifier on that surface. This is important to avoid placing the amplifier on a metal surface.

Make sure that the negative terminal of the car battery is disconnected. This is necessary because otherwise, you will end up having problems.

Pass the power cable through the firewall. It’s okay; There are several empty grommets available. But you can always use a power drill and a steel bit if you don’t have a drill.

Make the hole large enough for the cable to enter.

Now it’s time to connect the power cable to the battery. Avoid pinching the wires.

Do not place the inline fuse holder near the battery terminals. Make sure there is a gap of at least 18 inches.

If you are concerned about cable management, you can always rely on cable ties. These little people can save you from the most difficult situations.

Connect the RCA cable from the back of the amplifier and then turn on the leads. Wire them in the same way as the power cables.

Now you need to connect the amplifier speaker wires to the car speakers. This is not a terrible job at all. Here are some expert tips. Stay away from power lines.

Connect the negative terminal of the amplifier to the vehicle’s chassis ground.

Insert the mains wire fuse only after verifying that the other fuse is in place. Then connect the negative battery terminal, and you’re good to go.


If your car stereo has power but no sound from the speakers, you can fix it yourself. If you’re not sure, take a look at the guide again. If you are still not comfortable with drilling, you can always call a professional and have them checked!


Why does the speaker turn on but no sound?

Check speaker connections. Inspect the wires on the back of the speaker and make sure the speaker is connected in the proper place. If the connection is loose, reconnect it to secure the connection. Loose connections may result in no sound from the speaker.

How do I check if my car speakers are working?

Connect a 9-volt battery to the speaker’s lead, positive lead to battery positive, negative lead to battery negative. If the speaker produces a pulse, the speaker is still working properly.

What does a blown speaker sound like?

The most common audible indication when a speaker is disconnected is that an unpleasant buzzing or scratching is either on its own or at the approximate pitch of the note the speaker is trying to reproduce. Or it may not sound at all.

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