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JBL GTO638 Review 6.5 Inches 3-Way Speaker

The JBL GTO638 speaker is best known for the discrete detail of individual notes. Features a patented Plus One® woofer cone that increases the surface area by 25% for crystal-clear sound. It features a home theater-like edge-driven textile dome tweeter.

A 3-way speaker with a super tweeter added. A crossover function is built in. Altogether, they are the best car speakers for bass. The dome tweeter is adjustable, and the speaker offers a mounting depth of 2 inches for convenient placement. The Intermountain III mounting system is applied for easy installation. Suitable for all OEM vehicles.

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JBL GTO638 Review

The JBL GTO638 6.5-inch car speaker is wallet-friendly and provides a clean, sufficient sound for most users. This may seem relatively straightforward for advanced users, but the GTO638 is a good buy for beginners. If only there were a little bit more bass.

The GT0638 may not seem very intimidating at first glance, but it packs a powerful punch (the big ones can come in small packages). With an unprecedented rise in 3-way speakers, JBL has decided to step into the field with a product that promises to be practically significant. So, let me tell you about the GT0638 so you can determine if it is right for you or not.

JBL’s GTO series is available in a variety of sizes. What I have is a 6.5-inch speaker. The first thing to say about them is customization. The tweeter and woofer are separated to get the most suitable setup.

Features of GT0638 car speaker

1. Built-in crossover network

It’s clear that JBL is aware of the age-old problem of 3-way speakers to ensure a smooth transition between tweeter and woofer. For this reason, you can experience great midrange vocals.

2. Remarkable Tweeter

Given the size of the speaker, you will be amazed at this speaker’s performance. The high-bandwidth tweeter has a large voice coil. This reminds me of the loops found in home theater systems.

3. True Ohm Technology

JBL offers a new low-impedance coil in the speaker. The technology produces amazing performance.

4. Patented Plus One Woofer Cone

JBL hasn’t stopped using the patented Plus One Woofer Cone. For those unfamiliar with this woofer cone, it helps to reduce the surface area, which increases the bass significantly.

Other features

Along with these features, the maximum power of the JBL GT638 is 180W, and the RMS is 60W. Impedance is 2 ohms. It also has a rubber surround on the woofer cone to isolate noise well.


Twitter is amazing. It’s an essential part of any sound system, and the way JBL confirms that the GTO638’s tweeter is the best is striking. The Mylar-Titanium tweeter is woofer compatible to ensure the sound is powerful and smooth.

The JBL GTO638 is easy to install. The Intermountain III mounting system makes the installation process very easy. There is also a 3-Way sound. The woofer and tweeter work so well together that the vocals and bass sound fantastic. It also offers excellent midrange audio effects.

However, there are a few things other owners are missing from this speaker. But it is close to personal taste. The bass from this speaker is a bit underperforming. It doesn’t matter if you have a car subwoofer that handles most of the bass in the back of the trunk, but without it, the GTO638 may not be the best choice.

You will also need a speaker amplifier to get the best value for money with these speakers. This is true for almost all car speakers, so there is nothing unique about the GTO638.

  • Budget car speaker
  • 2 ohms Technology
  • Twitter is fantastic
  • Easy installation
  • You need to buy a Amplifier


The JBL GTO638 seems to be a pair of speakers for music lovers who want to power their music-listening experience. It’s so easy to install that it’s excellent for beginners who don’t want to fiddle with car speaker cables. JBL put a lot of effort and money into this coaxial car speaker set.

The price is affordable, and there are always cheaper alternatives, but with this sound quality and the performance of the GTO638, it’s hard to find anything similar.

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