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How to Connect Subwoofer to Car Stereo in 2022?

Connecting a subwoofer to a car stereo can be tricky. An active subwoofer is required to connect a subwoofer to a car stereo. If you have a powered subwoofer, connecting it is simple. Just plug the jack wires into the installed stereo. Let’s figure out how to connect a car subwoofer without an amplifier.

How to connect the subwoofer to a car stereo without an amplifier?

There are some ways to connect your subwoofer to your car audio, depending on the type of subwoofer.

Using a passive subwoofer connection

A passive subwoofer, a speaker without a built-in amplifier, can be connected to a car stereo like any other speaker.

If there is an existing speaker wire where the subwoofer is installed, connect it with the subwoofer wire. And that’s it.

By wiring the rear speaker output to the subwoofer output, you won’t get shattered bass, but you will get lower bass frequencies than the speakers.

If you don’t have a traditional speaker wire, you’ll need to drive the wire from the head unit harness the same way you would for a car speaker.

Before starting car audio work, you must disconnect the ground wire from the car battery.

By connecting a powered subwoofer

A powered subwoofer is connected to the stereo in the same way as a standard amplifier. The process is simple, and most active woofers are equipped with all the necessary wires, so let’s start.

  • Disconnect the ground wire from the battery.
  • Connect the power cable from the car battery to the location where the subwoofer will be installed. Don’t forget the main fuse, which should be placed close to the battery. Install the wires under the carpet to avoid damage to the wires inside the cabin.
  • You can remove the stereo from the car’s stereo mounting dock to access the wiring harness and receptacles on the rear stereo panel.
  • Connect the RCA signal wires from the car stereo to the subwoofer. Run the RCA cable under the carpet just like the power cord. Do not use RCA and power cables together. The sound may be distorted.
  • Ground the subwoofer at the rear of the vehicle. Use unpainted metal and metal connections between the body and the wires.
  • If your subwoofer is equipped with a control wire, connect it to the location you want the woofer to use. It can be on the dashboard or close to the seat. Make sure the steering panel is easily accessible and out of the way while driving.
  • When all connections are complete, place the removed old ground battery wire on the battery negative terminal and re-tighten it to ensure a reliable connection.


Can I connect a subwoofer to a standard car stereo?

Adding a subwoofer to your factory stereo is a great way to enhance the sound while maintaining factory control. A nice device can produce bass and sub-bass sounds at low frequencies. Thankfully, connecting to an existing car stereo system is very simple.

Can I use a sub without an amp?

Car subwoofers produce distortion-free sound for car audio systems. Standard speaker and subwoofer outputs don’t produce a louder sound without an amplifier, and the bass frequencies are flat.

Is a subwoofer the same as an amplifier?

A subwoofer’s impedance (measured in ohms) represents the load the amplifier will sense at its output. Amplifiers output different amounts of power (in watts RMS) depending on the visible impedance load.


It’s not that difficult once you know how to connect a subwoofer to your car stereo. Now you know you can enjoy more bass in your new and improved sound system.

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